Nov 2 | Ride Report

There is something about the fog drifting across pastures that is satisfying. It's the kind of day that begs for the sound of hoofbeats on fallen leaves, the whisper of flexing leather. And so ... READ the POST

Oct 13 | Ride Report

I did not want to ride today. Well, to be more accurate, I wanted to ride but I was a little less enthusiastic about the 5 am wake up, 40 minute drive in the dark and rush home to shower and get ... READ the POST

10/3 | Ride Report

Texas in the summer is not the most conducive for riding, but Texas in the Fall is simply incredible. Cool mornings, light breezes and warm sunshine make this my favorite time of year. It's also ... READ the POST

Oct 2 | Ride Report

In August, I switched jobs in search of increased flexibility - for my family, and of course, for more riding time. While my job now offers exactly what I was looking for, I've struggled a bit with ... READ the POST

SEPT 28 | Ride Report

Learning to make the most of short rides during a busy season. Texas is slowly, reluctantly drifting towards Fall. Our highs are still in the 90s, but today's 7:30 am ride included a ... READ the POST

Horse Stars in Medical Mystery

If you've read any of my recent ride reports or Instagram stories, you might have picked up on the repeated vet visits, lack of any serious work, and tweaking of Elf's routine. This spring, Elf's ... READ the POST

A New Season

When I think of full service boarding barns, I tend to picture the slightly romanticized picture of Wellington elites: sleek, shining show horses led by tidy grooms to immaculately groomed arenas and ... READ the POST

Summer Riding Plans

When I wrote about my plans for the summer, almost a month ago, I was wrestling with Elf feeling a bit low energy and a lack of forward. It was starting to click in my head that this very hot summer ... READ the POST